We aspire to present in front of this world, the beauty that lies within Indian traditional cuisines. Every dish is seasoned with love along with traditional touch like a treasure trove comprising of granny’s delicious recipes. Our savories resonate the cultural taste of Indian legacy. Our food carries the divine taste and heredity of generations that we all long for.  

We believe “Cooking is an Art”. The artists that make these foodstuffs and delicacies endow a lot of efforts and hard work. Unfortunately, the conditions for them are not favorable today. We here are providing a platform to their Art of cooking and hereby trying to help them grow and be financially strong. We acknowledge the dedication and perseverance of these workers thus conserving these beautiful traditional recipes for coming generations. Your support and interest in this social cause are highly appreciated. 

Foodleedo” is a recently launched brand of Aadaiman Enterprises LLP. We provide service to all parts of India as well as overseas. We’re further looking to diversify our vision by adding exciting range of mouth-watering new products.  We intend to unfurl smiles on the faces of our customers by providing best service and experience. Thank you for being a part of our Family!